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What is Blackmart Alpha?

It is a very frequently asked questions mostly by Android amateur or you can call them newbies. Well in simple and plain words, Blackmart Alpha is a best alternative to the Google Play Store or  Android App market. However as compare to Play Store Blackmart Aplha does not have strict rules and restrictions for specific countries or regions that you may find on Play Store for certain apps. It allows you easily download your favorite Android apps free without the need of having any account or formal registration.

Why I am having slow Downloads?

Due to the growing use of Blackmart alpha, sometimes the download servers are overloaded with bandwidth and  therefore the download speed slows down. Hopefully this issue would be resolved soon.

I downloaded the Application but it was not installed?

There are certain apps that are not compatible with certain Android devices; for example an app working on Galaxy S4 or S3 might not work on Galaxy S2 due to hardware and software version issues.

Where can I download the latest version of Blackmart Alpha?

For your kind information, Blackmart team has released a few updates over the recent years and therefore there are 2 versions of this app and can be downloaded from here:

Download Blackmart Alpha

Why Blackmart Alpha is not available on Google Play Store?

In plain ans simple words, Blackmart Alpha does not fit on Google play store terms and conditions and app who does not implies with these terms, Google simply kick them out.

Is it Illegal to use Blackmart Alpha?

It is a kind of and that is the reason why it has been removed from Google Play Store. It is a kind of P2P apps sharing system where users can share apk files.

Is it Safe to use?

Well to be honest I am not sure, If it has been removed from Play Store Android market then it can not be trusted and the apps may contain viruses.

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